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Erfolgreich wissenschaftlich arbeiten
Alles, was Studierende wissen sollten

Prof. Dr. Steffen Stock; Dr. Patricia Schneider; Dr. Elisabeth Peper; Dr. Eva Molitor (eds.)

This guide is aimed at students of all disciplines. It familiarizes readers intending to study in Germany, Austria or Switzerland with all the techniques needed to successfully accomplish all manner of assignments, tests and exams. Successful Studentship: a comprehensive guide seeks to impart a thorough understanding of academic reading and writing skills, enabling you to study more efficiently and effectively. Moreover, it provides valuable information on how to prepare for presentations and how to meet even the most stringent academic re-quirements. Based on the findings of lecturers and on their concrete interaction with stu-dents, this interdisciplinary guide written by graduates for the benefit of students presents the accumulated knowledge of professionals from all three countries. Hence it offers com-prehensive insights into everything you need to know for academic success.

Content: academic reading. - certs and grades: keeping track of your progress. - academic writing: how to handle extended essays and theses. - academic writing: techniques and strategy. - examiners' reports: expert opinions from all disciplines. - appendix

2. ed. 2018. X, 189 pages. 23 graphs.
Paperpack ISBN 978-3-662-55000-7
| € 19.99 (D) | € 20.55 (A) | sFr 21.00
eBook ISBN 978-3-662-55001-4| € 14.99 (D) | € 14.99 (A) | sFr 16.50

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